Niche MASTER: 
Reaping Riches Out of Niches

Aren’t you tired of BELIEVING that there’s not much you can achieve with what little you have? Like how you think you need more than what you already own in order to achieve financial success for you and your family?

Let’s examine an age-old question that’s being endlessly debated upon…

“Does size matter?”

Nature has ingrained in our very fibers that BIG equates to success. Lions make use of large manes to look even more ferocious than they are. Taller giraffes tend to thrive because they can reach the fresher and more delicious leaves atop trees, more than the short ones in their species. It’s often the larger members of a species who get the best out of life.

But that’s not the case for humans (and their businesses). At least not anymore, in this age of information and technology, where everyone has a chance to attain the success they desire!

What’s really holding most of us back is the mindset that lets primal instincts dictate what we can (or can’t) achieve.

Go BIG or Go Home!

Time and again, we’ve heard ‘em say this.

And it’s funny how most people are fazed by this expression. Like somehow, not owning large bank accounts and hefty sums of capital means you can’t go into business? Or like owning a business is supposed to mean little to no profits?

Well, Leo Goldberger begs to differ!

Rightfully known as The Master of the Niches, Leo has been raising niche business concepts from ground up for years, and each of these brands have become huge successes!

Leo took the expression not as a matter of condescension but rather as a business advice; he went SMALL and he went HOME!

Leo has decades of experience in franchising, and is well-known for starting Inspection Boys and The Patch Boys, prior to starting Home Based Franchise Group. He has helped hundreds of franchise owners prosper and grow entry-level businesses into successful enterprises.

Each of his accomplishments can be attributed to this one little SECRET…

The BIG Idea behind going SMALL

It all boils down to doing what no one else wants to do: make small deals!

Everyone has the mentality that to make big bucks, you have to charge big bucks. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, niching down means missing out on a lot of profits.

And that’s what Leo decided to capitalize. He did the math!

Say you get a $20 Million Construction deal and you’re making 10% out of it. That’s $2 Million you’ll be making in 3 or so years. Even without accounting for inflation and additional project costs, among other things that could go wrong with the project, that’s roughly $55K per month that you won’t get, can’t spend, can’t utilize until AFTER the project is completed.

Everyone wants big deals. But for a payday that’s rather uncertain, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

And so, what if you niched down? This idea hit Leo like a truck!

Everyone’s offering packages and “bang for buck” deals to make big money instantly, but no one’s offering a la carte – something a lot of customers need and is perfectly within their budget! Leo quickly realized that a lot of customers really just want a $99 cleaning job instead of the whole $900 overhaul they’re being forced to take (to get 1 thing they need, done).

Besides the obvious demand, Leo also realized that niching down means building trust and authority. People are more inclined to trust a specialist rather than a jack-of-all-trades, kind of like going to a dentist for your toothache rather than a general medical practitioner.

And the cherry on top? It’s so much easier to master 1 job instead of trying to do everything under the sun.

SPECIALTY Jobs done PERFECTLY for a FRACTION of the cost…

That’s the concept behind Leo’s niche businesses!

But wait! Making $90 doesn’t seem much at all…

An Empire of Home-based Niche Businesses

It’s like you’re making pennies if you don’t look at the bigger picture.

Leo brought with him his concept no matter which brand he worked on. Each brand would garner the same results of raking in lots of loyal customers due to the trust and authority they’ve built. It’s not difficult when you can always deliver excellent quality and affordable prices.

This is exactly what makes these brands ripe for franchising – and this is where the magic happens!

With all these brands just itching to expand, Leo and a partner from an old business decided to develop a group called Home-Based Franchise Group. Each of the brands he helped raise doesn’t need brick and mortar facilities.

“People love home-based businesses, and for good reason! There’s barely any overhead (if at all) and that positively affects the cost of goods”, say Leo. And with the type of service they’re offering, “our cost of goods is [virtually] zero”.

When you have a brand that has a low barrier to entry, is home-based, and is highly profitable due to the demand they’ve accumulated from years of building trust and authority, franchising becomes easy because they just sell like pancakes! Owning multiple brands/branches/territories becomes a no-brainer, and that’s how you build your financial success!
Imagine owning several franchise businesses, multiply that with thousands of loyal (repeat) customers, and again with your price per service rendered (with little to no deductions from overhead and cost of goods)…You do the math!

Imagine owning several franchise businesses, multiply that with thousands of loyal (repeat) customers, and again with your price per service rendered (with little to no deductions from overhead and cost of goods)…You do the math!

By now, you understand the concept behind niching down and how profitable it is!
But you’re probably wondering what makes Leo’s brands sustainable? What kind of services do people keep needing over and over?

But you’re probably wondering what makes Leo’s brands sustainable? What kind of services do people keep needing over and over?

Dryer Vent Squad

Clogged dryer vents are one of the main causes of household fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, firefighters respond to nearly 16,000 home fires annually caused by dryers. Besides fires, unclean vents are also one of the top 10 causes for carbon monoxide leaks. On top of that, unclean vents are also filled with molds which, for people sensitive to it, can cause a variety of health issues including stuffy nose, wheezing, itchy eyes and or skin.

“You know, there's plenty of people who are going to think twice before they build a new deck for twenty-five thousand dollars or they build a new swimming pool”, says Leo, “but I don't think there's one parent across the United States who says, ‘oh, the number one cause of fires is unclean dryer vents, and servicing it costs around $100…I'll take my chances’”.
What this franchise offers goes beyond removing clogs and debris. Dryer Vent Squad offers to keep families safe and protected against a variety of common health hazards.
And when it literally doesn’t cost much to maintain yours and your families health and wellness, will you really pass on such an amazing service? And when you can offer this to your neighbors, family and friends, wouldn’t that make you a proud owner of this business?
Will let you be the judge of that!
Apart from this awesome brand, Leo and his team have more up their sleeves, offering so much more to the community, while benefitting your family’s financial security at the same time.
Check out this next brand!

Frost Shades

No matter where you go, there will be windows. Lots of them. It’s quite rare to see a building with just a single window (or none at all). And when there’s lots of window, there’s lots of profits!
Leo enlightens us on the demand for tints, “people want privacy, people want UV protection, people want decorative, people want security gone. It's a whole new world out there”.
People want AND need a variety of different things. Like enjoying the heat from the sun without the glare bothering them as they watch TV. Or enjoying the view of the outside without feeling so bare and vulnerable inside your own home, knowing you’ve get pesky neighbors checking up on you once in a while. And then there’s health savvies just taking care not to prolong their exposure to UV Rays.
As the local experts in high performance window films and frosting, Frost Shades specializes in delivering custom, affordable and beautiful solutions to home and business owners. Solutions that won’t void window manufacturer’s warranty! With over 7000 skews of different kinds of films they can put home and office windows, clients are sure to get what they need!

And there it is again, these brands are impacting lives through their masterful work at low costs.

Other Brands To Tickle Your Fancy

Circling back to Home-based Franchise Group, you can see now how niche businesses are simply the way to go!

Home Based Franchise Group is committed to helping people start amazing home-based franchise businesses

Home Based Franchise Group, franchisors of Dryer Vent Squad, Frost Shades Window Tinting, Magnetainment Event Photo Magnets, The Turf Boys, and Clozetivity is the culmination of the life work of three seasoned franchise industry pros: Leo Goldberger, Thomas Scott, and Curt Swanson. They’ve all spent decades in the franchise industry, growing franchise systems, helping franchisors, and working with thousands of individual franchise owners to grow and become prosperous.

We can talk about all these great brands but we’ll be taking the fun out of discovery for you. Check them out at and learn more about these amazing brands!

Although, what you can’t stop us from doing is letting you know that no matter where you are in life, you have the opportunity to become a successful business owner and a part of this awesome family!

You want Business? Let’s Do business!

Family is sacred for a lot of people. It’s not like you let just anyone into your home, do you? Most likely, before you let anyone into your home, you want people to respect, value, and uphold what you stand for in your home. And so, it gets tricky for most franchisors when it comes to choosing the right candidate to join their family of business owners.

Surprisingly, Leo had little reservations when asked how he chose the great franchisees working with him.
“Here's my secret. I talk to them for two minutes and I decided if I liked them or not”. Leo clarifies that he’s not too hung up on a prospect’s past, not caring whether they were arrested 8 years ago for having pot on their person, or they missed mortgage payments; “I'm looking for hungry people if you're hungry and you want to do business, we will find a business”.

Leo believes in going against the grain. He doesn’t want to see credit scores and bank accounts, instead, this is what Leo has to say, “I want to see your work ethics. I want to see you want it. I want to see that you want to make it, and if you do want to make it, there’s not one thing that's going to hold you back from buying a franchise with us”.

That right there is proof that you don’t need large bank accounts and perfect credit scores to make it big as an entrepreneur! And this can further be proven by the different franchisees from different walks of life, of different ages and genders, working with Leo.

At this point, where capital isn’t much a concern (if at all), all that’s left is to find the brand that’s calling your name! Because at the end of the day, you want a brand that will properly reflect your ethics, your interests, your personality. You also want a brand that will cater to your needs and your management style, and will allow you to showcase your unique skills as an entrepreneur.

Because once you’ve got your mind and heart set on a brand…

It’s Time to Go ALL-IN!

We’ve mentioned this over and over but it’s really just so important to mention the huge misconception about entrepreneurship. When people think “franchising”, their minds skip to McDonald’s. But that’s not the only franchise business out there that’s set to ensure your financial freedom. Lots of franchise businesses are profitable without having to break the bank.

We asked Leo about the initial investments a franchisee needs to come up with and we got a pretty “bargain rate”, to be honest!

Between $50 - $75k is what most people can easily come up with, and that’s all you’ll really need to start your journey as a home-based business franchise owner. With this amount, Leo and his team will make sure you make it from the moment you sign up with them all the way to making your first sale.

That clears any questions regarding additional operating costs.

Oh, but wait…THERE’s MORE!

“Because of our growth, we have a lot of different options for you. We have different funding options and we have a lot of different companies that will work with you, to help you out in different ways [to purchase a franchise with us]”, says Leo reassuringly.

What’s in the Box?

Not saying everyone, but there will be people thinking it’s just too good to be true. Such a small investment for so much profits? Seems hokum. Like, “what’s the catch”?
True enough, a savvy entrepreneur will ask what’s in the box before making the purchase. You have to know what exactly you’re getting!
And so, Leo breaks it down for us, “You know, we have our headquarters in Nashville. We have a marketing team, we have a sales team, we have a compliance and we have an operation and training. We have a whole complement of staff”, all of which are at your disposal should you decide to buy a franchise with them.
Besides the manpower, Leo and his team has a whole system in place so that you don’t have to worry about wearing all the hats in the business.
What no franchisor can provide, and Leo and his team team aren’t exempted from this, is the drive and the commitment to make it as a business owner. “I constantly tell them 98% of your success or lack thereof will be on you”, says Leo, explaining that all the training, marketing efforts, among other franchisee support available, only make up 2% of what an owner needs to succeed.

Frameworks and blueprints have no value whatsoever if you’re not willing to do the crucial work that is managing your business.

But should you have the willingness and commitment, then rest assured, Leo and his team have got your back and they’ll do the rest for you!

Quite frankly, that’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. That’s…

An opportunity available to you NOW!

Because truthfully, a lot of these things weren’t possible years ago. Not without the technological advancements nor the current mindset of sharing business success.

Back then, people had their eyes set on getting degrees and going to work as an employee. And mind you, people had to do their jobs manually, or with very little help from technology, unlike today.

People as young as 18 years old (or even younger), they’re already thinking about owning businesses. That’s the mindset that prompts innovations. It’s a rippling effect!

With the need to stay ahead of the competition and the need to meet the ever changing demands of consumers, technologies, systems and processes, strategies, and paradigms about the business world keep evolving.

So many things are changing and it can be daunting just trying to keep up with one aspect of business.

But today, great franchise models allow people to hop into business in no time at all! It’s an opportunity that’s worth grabbing, especially when Leo and his team are making it so easy to grab onto.

Ask anyone of his current franchisees, and they’ll tell you the same thing.

“Yes, you can make money doing this!”
Just last year, Leo and his team held a survey for their Franchise Business Review. The participants were asked if given the chance to do this (Franchise any of Leo’s Brands), would they do it again? “91% said they’d do it all over again”, Leo exclaims proudly over their impressive franchise review”.

But you don’t have to take ours or Leo’s word for it. Like we mentioned earlier, validation plays a crucial role in promoting their brands and you’re welcome to speak with their franchisees to get a better sense of what it means to work with Leo and his team.

Exit Strategy: Freedom to Live

At the end of the day, people go into business hoping for that financial success that will allow them to live without worries.

It’s not foolish to believe that money is a necessity, especially in this day and age. But money only really has value when you get to LIVE. And it’s pretty difficult when to LIVE when you’re stuck in a cubicle working your butt off for someone else.

So, consider this: if you have to work, put the effort into something you can grow and scale – something that’s going to be worth more than when you came in.

“This is your company, you know, you could sell it to someone else down the road five years. Make your plan, whatever works for you. If you want to, have your kids continue with it. There's nothing wrong with that”, says Leo. “whatever it [your plan] is, if you're going to put in this hard work, why not put it in for yourself”, he adds.
Can you see it unfolding?

With a small amount of capital (which you can get through financing), you’re able to provide services that impact lives. In turn, that impact becomes your ticket to financial freedom, as it ensures business continuity and success. Ain’t that a BIG idea coming from the small niches?

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