Window to Financial Freedom: Why Franchising is The New “Sexy” in Generating Financial Success

The world is changing, and so is the way we look at franchising. 

It’s no longer the “dirty little secret” of the business world. Now it’s the hottest trend in business, with a growing number of people choosing to become franchise owners.

But here's the thing...If you're not yet in the loop and you're still in the process of deciding whether you should enter into the franchising world, there's just a lot of things that can possibly turn you off!

9 out of 10, we're willing to bet you're on here because you're undecided, despite all the rage about franchising. Sure, you've heard of it, but you can't fully grasp the concept, YET!
"How is that FAMOUS red dot on a plain white canvas getting so much attention? And the price! What's up with that?!"

Franchising IS an ART!

Regardless of medium or form, there's just so many ways to look at art.

Franchising as a business IS an ART. It's not as simple as grabbing tools and dumping paint on a canvas (like most abstract art seem at first glance). There's always more to it than meets the eye!
Knowledge, skills, and techniques jive to create systems and processes; and the very same meet passion and perseverance to tell a beautiful story. A story of success!

In knowing the story, the lines and dots and splotches start to make sense. What used to be a blur of colors is now an objectively SEXY masterpiece...

And Window Genie is nothing short of that!

Get the FULL STORY from the Artists!

Before we dive into one of the sexiest franchise brands on the planet, we're going to learn more about the brilliant minds behind this masterpiece.

Most people brush off a certain piece of art, only to regret missing out on the experience once they've read or heard the full story behind it.
Take note: We're NOT about to let you miss out on a fantastic opportunity to secure your family's future through REAL Financial Freedom!
And who better to tell you about Window Genie than the very artists who continue to make the brand a success, so that YOU can achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS too!


Meet Pat Hyland and David Flax

Behind every successful franchise brand is a "struggling artist".
It's these people who've gotten their nails, hands and clothes smeared with a mixture of paint and sweat (so to speak), who've put their names on the line to market the brand, and made countless other sacrifices so YOU, the public, can share in their glory and success without having to experience the same hardships they did.
Pat Hyland was named Vice President of The Grounds Guys in 2011 after joining Neighborly as a franchise developer in 2010. Since being named Vice President of The Grounds Guys, Pat has also led teams of franchise developers as Vice President for Rainbow International, Window Genie, and Mosquito Joe. Since joining the company in 2010, Pat has seen the Neighborly brands grow from 1,300+ franchise locations to over 5,000 franchise locations today.

Prior to joining Neighborly, Pat was a partner in a company that sold business opportunities to both aspiring entrepreneurs and contractors in the home service industry. In addition, he and his wife Cindy have been multi-unit franchise owners and recently they successfully sold their franchise locations to a private equity company. Pat and his wife believe strongly in the proven business models that franchising provides and therefore Pat is always looking to invest into the franchise space along other investment opportunities.
David Flax is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in franchising. He owned 2 recruiting firms that went bankrupt due to the great recession of '08. He lost businesses, his house, his car. At 40 years of age then, he grabbed what was left of his 401(k) and landed on franchising. He opened a Window Genie franchise in Atlanta, GA in 2010. In 4 years, he grew it to be the largest in the country. The business basically ran itself and so, he had time to work on other things like doing Franchise Development for Window Genie in the corporate headquarters. He sold his business in 2019 before taking on the role as VP of Operations for the brand. He was promoted to 

President early this year, January 1, 2022.
If there's something to pick up on here, it's that it took years for Window Genie to get to where it is today. In those years, people like Pat and David have been testing the systems, putting in marketing efforts, among other work, in order to continuously grow the business.
There were no shortcuts. Those years brought both failures and successes, all joining together to become the collective experience that Pat and David needed to paint the great masterpiece that Window Genie is today!

Window Genie: One of the Sexiest Brands on the Planet!

Tiny Red Dot. Plain White Background. It makes no sense?!
It's time to uncover why Window Genie has been getting all the attention it rightfully deserves!

"Did you know that 90% of all the new customer acquisitions, that window genie gets, have never had their windows cleaned", says Pat, recalling their company's client base.

Yes! A lot of people have never heard of Window Genie and have never had their windows cleaned!

And so, for the benefit of the general populace, Window Genie is basically a home services company. They offer window cleaning, pressure washing, holiday lighting, gutter cleaning, and window tinting services.

As David puts it, "We're not fancy nor trendy. We're not a cool new yogurt shop nor a juice factory for healthy juices". However, what David believes to be alluring about the business is, "It's steady. It's needed".

No lies there! Because Window Genie simultaneously caters to many different jobs that a lot of people need done, this franchise business is never short of repeat customers who then provide that "steadiness" that businesses need for sustainable growth.

A Business that Guarantees Repeat Business is a Sexy Business!

Over the course of the COVID Pandemic, the brand has gotten even more traction. With many people working from home, people have become more aware of the things they need done at home - the very things Window Genie is offering to help clients with!
Earlier on, Pat mentioned that 90% of their new customer acquisitions have never had their windows cleaned. This is actually a critical statistic!

Asked why this figure so important, this is what Pat has to say, "Because we will continue to go out with the marketing [strategy] that's proven to generate new customers that haven't had the services", furthermore, "50% of [those new customers] are having the service(s) repeated".

David chimes on to expound, "The 90% specifically relates to window cleaning. So we've tracked that data, [and] 90% of our first time window cleaning customers, which represents about 50% of our overall revenue as a system, tell us they've never gotten their windows cleaned before".

Window Genie's marketing strategy revolves around this data.

The Rationale: You can't google something you don't know about. And most people don't know residential window cleaning is a thing. People think it's only skyscrapers and office buildings that get their windows cleaned.
By spreading awareness to potential customers, Window Genie (and their franchisees) have exponentially grown their book of business significantly.

Most of their customers are households with 2 working spouses who either don't have the time to clean or don't want to spend their spare time cleaning. Letting these households know Window Genie is THE option for a highly viable solution makes for perfect marketing!
But according to David, here's why customers really come back for their services, "We did not invent the squeegee, we did not perfect some solution to make windows cleaner. What we did perfect is the marketing, branding, and customer experience that comes along with using a service".

Making It Sexy for Entrepreneurs

Besides recognition from the customers' perspective, the brand has also caught the eyes of many prospecting entrepreneurs.

David puts things into perspective by outlining key characteristics that make their brand special:

- No need for cold-calls or knocking on neighbors doors
- No need for retail spaces that cost a fortune per month
- Multiple income streams right out the gate
- Highly competitive rates and quality of service
- Proven and tested systems and processes
- Branding and Marketing efforts are second to none
- 48% of business = repeat business

That's basically saying you've got the best solutions for recurring problems. That right there is a formula for Financial Freedom!
So think about it...

Window Genie is not offering you the most glamorous nor trendy nor fashionable business. Far from it, having to deal with so much dirt and crud, really. But if getting dirty gets you clean and honest money that perpetually provides for yours and your family's needs, doesn't that make it truly SEXY?

Affordable and Achievable IS Sexy!

We're all too familiar with Photoshop-ed pictures. Sure, dang near-impossible body shapes and forms are getting so much attention but REAL and GENUINE have been gaining more traction as well!

Yep, our society is actually getting tired of get-rich-quick schemes and magic-transformation weight loss programs, pills, and shakes. Most of us are waking up to the reality that not everything you see is real! More and more people are picking up on the need to educate ourselves and the need to scrutinize data, to separate fake news from the truth.

Unfortunately, the franchising world still has a ways to go in terms of ridding itself of misconceptions, but we're here to pick up the pace!
The Misconception: Franchising is expensive. It's only for the rich!

For people who are looking to achieve financial freedom, that's a huge turn off!

"I want my own business because I need, you're telling me I need tons of money to make tons of money? Impossible!"
The Truth: Franchising is affordable for virtually everyone who wants it!

What we're saying is that so long as you choose the perfect fit franchise for you, money is no object.
Owning your own business is affordable and achievable, and that's what makes this so SEXY!

For Window Genie, you can go all-in for anywhere between $85,000 to $187,000, depending on the size of the territory.
This affordable investment is already INCLUSIVE of franchise fees, tools and equipment, as well as working capital to get the business off the ground.

BEFORE YOU SAY "NO", or say the price is still ridiculously beyond your budget, we need to tell you that speaking with the franchisor or franchise consultants will give you more options, such as (but not limited to) business loans and credits, that will make your entrepreneurial journey possible.

The Cherry on Top: Successful franchise brands like Window Genie are designed to ensure you break-even AND make profits, so you'll never have to worry about return of capital.

In the end, securing your family's future by making a reasonably priced investment (with or without the help of financing options) in a franchise business IS really and genuinely achievable!

Stuff it and Take My Money!

Like a viewer who's sold on a painting upon learning more about the Art, you're probably itching to throw your money and ecstatic about the thought of owning your own business.

Where most art pieces usually derive value in being "one of a kind", the true value of a franchise business is derived from how well it will suit your needs!

Generally speaking, you're aching for financial freedom, and many franchise brands WILL provide for that IF you are the perfect fit candidate!
On the surface, your concern is money. But as you go deeper in the business world, you start to acknowledge things like:

- Need for a good culture and work environment
- Need for a business that fits your skill sets and management style
- Need for relationships that complement your personality and mindset
- Among other needs

All these needs have to be met if you are to achieve TRUE financial freedom and success!

Window Genie is beautifully designed to have an in-depth selection process that benefits all parties involved: you, franchisors, fellow franchisees, and the  business as an entity of its own. Primarily, you, as a franchisee candidate will benefit the most.

You get to have an overview by first speaking with a franchise coach and or consultant, who then hands you over Window Genie for an initial call where you get to know more about the franchisors, and vice-versa.

Through that first call, you get to learn more about the company's background, their goals, their unique franchise model.

On a second call, the details become more intense! You start learning more about their services, systems and processes, the kind of leadership that led to the brand's success, how products/services and marketed and then sold.

Besides those calls, Window Genie will set you up for a call (or 2) with existing franchisees who can give you firsthand information regarding their experiences, challenges, profits, a myriad of things that will most likely appeal to your personal needs.

By now, you can see that a selection process is no elitist move to keep "unwanted" participants from sharing in a brand's success.

This elegantly designed selection process is your KEY to making sure you arrive at a highly informed business decision - the kind of decision EVERY entrepreneur SHOULD be making to achieve their goals.

At the end of the day, you're looking to sufficiently answer this question:
"Is Window Genie the Perfect Fit Business for Me?"

Sexy is in the Eye of the Beholder

Many will argue that the term "sexy" is subjective at best, and that the definition differs from one person to another.

While the latter may be true, being objective is nowhere near impossible.

Whether you're looking at physical appearances or something deeper, generally, what's SEXY is "attractive" and or "exciting". 

What Window Genie is offering is a recession resistant business model. They offer multiple services that are not just wants, but NEEDS! With proven systems and processes, and a perfected marketing strategy in place, repeat customers (on top of NEW customers) are guaranteed. In turn, franchisees are basically guaranteed the financial freedom and business success they've been dreaming of.

We're never in the habit of forcing people towards an opinion, but tell us, can you say what Window Genie's offering isn't attractive nor exciting?

You've heard their story and you now know what the "rage" is all about, so we'll leave the thinking up to you.

In the mean time, for those looking to arrive at a more informed decision, check out Window Genie's website!

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