Lance Graulich 

  • Franchise Broker / Consultant
  • World-Renowned Donut Expert
  • ​Founder and CEO of ION Franchising
  • ​Host of Eye On Franchising Podcast
  • ​Fitness Fanatic 
  • ​Most Importantly, Family Man

Are you considering owning a franchise but have questions?

Lance Can Help!


Lance Graulich 

  • Franchise Broker / Consultant
  • World-Renowned Donut Expert
  • ​Founder and CEO of ION Franchising
  • ​Host of Eye On Franchising Podcast
  • ​Fitness Fanatic 
  • ​Most Importantly, Family Man

Are you considering owning a franchise but have questions?

Lance Can Help!

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What is Eye On Franchising?

Eye On Franchising is a Top 50 podcast that is all about franchising. We assist first time or fifth time entrepreneurs with every aspect of the search process for FREE.

Eye on Franchising, where you will learn the "A to “Zees” of franchising".

Lance Graulich is the founder and CEO of ION Franchising, an industry-leading franchise consulting and development company representing over 700 franchise brands & business opportunities in every imaginable category. 

Whether you were born an entrepreneur or you are willing to learn to become one, you are in the right place. Please take our FREE Assessment that helps us understand what brands could be best for you based on your mindset, skillset, and life experiences.

Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur, but you need to START and you need to choose the right business for YOU!

Over 30 Years In The Franchise Industry...

We will help you find your perfect franchise for FREE.

  • We represent more than 700 of today's leading franchise opportunities.
  • We will help you make the best decision based on your marketplace and skills.
  • Our goal is to help you build a secure future for you and your family.

Helping You Find Your Perfect Franchise  #modelsuccess

Lance Graulich

Franchise Broker / Consultant 

Meet Lance Graulich! Born in Brooklyn, NY over 55 years ago this future senior cross-fit competitor will help you achieve financial independence through investment in your perfect franchise.  

He is the founder and CEO of ION Franchising, an industry-leading franchise consulting and development company representing over 700 franchise brands & business opportunities. 

Lance is a multi-unit, multi-brand, and multi-state franchisee and president of franchise advisory Councils. 

He has created countless start-up brands and has even created his own brands and sold them. He is a fitness fanatic, advisor to various private equity groups, and he is your Host of the...EYE ON FRANCHISING PODCAST!

Are You Considering Owning Your Own Franchise?

Maybe you have asked yourself one or many of these questions below...

  • Where do I start?
  • Is Owning a franchise right for me?
  • Do I have enough money or is there financing options available?
  • ​Can I keep my job while I launch my franchise?
  • What are the most profitable franchises today?
  • Do I have to be an active owner?
  • How can I build generational wealth for my family?
  • ​What industry is best for me based on my background?

When You Have a Franchise Broker, You Can Get ALL Your Questions Answered For Free.

Take this free assessment to determine which brands could be most suitable for you!

Finding the right business is all about compatibility and leveraging your skills. A business that is right for one person is not necessarily a good fit for you.

How Our 5-Step Client Process Works*







Assessment of Candidate's Franchising Goals/Objectives and Business Model Preferences
We Research 700+ Franchises based on your Selection Criteria
Franchise Recommendations Presentation call
Candidate Franchise Investigation and Validation Process
Candidate's Final Decision (go/no go)
* We develop viable franchise recommendations for our client's based on their franchising goals, objectives, areas of interest and desired investment level, then coach, guide and mentor them through the entire franchise research and acquisition process.

Looking To Learn More About Lance and The Franchising World?

It DOES NOT MATTER where you are at in your franchising journey, Lance has a place for you.

We have all the franchise news, tips, and the latest franchise articles for you!  

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Ready To Talk About Franchising Your Existing Business?

Do you have an existing business and ever wondered if it would make a good franchise? Now ION Franchising can help you determine if franchising your business makes sense.

Franchise Assessment Study

While franchising is a dynamic way for expansion, not all great businesses make good franchise opportunities. So, it all starts with an Assessment Study; an in-depth consultation and study of your business will be conducted to determine if it is “franchise-able.”

If the findings indicate the business is not yet ready to be franchised, you’ll be provided a comprehensive report outlining the reasons why and be offered suggestions to help you get to your goal. If the Assessment Study determines the business has strong potential to become a thriving franchise, you’ll be invited to move to the next step. Services include a step-by-step process to take your existing business through the franchising procedure including everything you will need; the creation of franchise disclosure documents, development of operations manual, state of the art legal advice, support for state registrations, and critical sales & marketing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ION Franchising?

ION Franchising is a franchise consulting firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our firm has extensive knowledge and resources about the franchise industry allowing us to offer our clients an inside look at hundreds of different franchise opportunities.

Why would someone use a franchise consultant?

A professional franchise consultant can offer candidates a wealth of general and inside information about the franchise industry as well as about specific franchise industries and opportunities. ION Franchising helps save our clients time by assisting with much of the initial legwork required in identifying rock solid opportunities that meet your criteria and are available in your desired market.

Why are your services free?

The truth is our services are not free - they are just free to you, the franchise seeker. ION Franchising is paid by the franchises we represent to assist them in the development and growth of their business.

Are there aggressive sales tactics used in this business?

NO! Franchising is not a sales business - it's a mutual discovery process. Good franchises are not sold - they are awarded. Only when both parties feel there is strong potential for success does anyone begin to consider investing in the franchise. "Selling" a franchise to a less than ideal candidate is generally a recipe for failure for both franchisee and franchisor. Aggressive sales techniques is not how winning franchisors are built.

Which franchises does ION Franchising represent?

ION Franchising currently works with over 500 of today's top franchise opportunities from dozens of different industries.

Do I pay more for a franchise if I use a ION Franchising franchise consultant?

Absolutely not. In single unit franchising fee negotiation is very rare. Most everyone pays the same franchise fee regardless of how they are introduced to the franchisor. In area development and master franchise deals we can often assist our clients with negotiations saving them thousands of dollars on initial fees.

What is it like working with a ION Franchising consultant?

Our approach to this business is very simple and straight forward. Our consultants will conduct an initial interview to gain insight to your previous experiences, goals, strengths, weaknesses, investment range, target market and more. We will then work to select ideal franchises for you and assist you in researching the opportunity. When our clients are ready to take a serious look at a franchise we will facilitate the introduction then remain by your side throughout the remainder of the process.

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